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About Ryan

Online Therapy in North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, and Massachusetts

As a mental health provider with 10+ year of experience in the field I can help you find a way out of stress and negativity that hold you back and reach higher ground. 

I have always enjoyed helping others be their best and to reach their full potential. I graduated in 2012 with a dual Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and Outdoor Education. I have worked in residential treatment, community mental health, and traditional outpatient therapy settings.

I live in Western North Carolina and enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and three children. 

Image by Fang-Wei Lin

My Philosophy

Life is challenging and it is easy to get lost and feel like you are going in circles - repeating similar mistakes - without knowing how to do it differently the next time so you get to where you want to be. I develop a specific treatment plan with each of my clients to help them conquer their challenges using evidenced based therapies including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and others. I want to help you identify things that you can do now in the present moment that will impact your future for the better and get you closer to the top.

We Can Help

Getting to the top of the mountain is hard. With our support, guidance, and evidence-based therapies, you can start your journey to higher ground and live the life you want. 

Taking the first step is easy by scheduling a free 15 minute consultation phone call.

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